european theatre night

About the project

(or Multicultutral night of the European theatre) has been launched by the French theatre artists and it is conceived to become a great European project in 2009 and the following years.
The Theatre Night project emphasizes the idea of theatres  as places for meetings, dialogues, socializing and new ideas. Stage arts present the very core of creating the European multicultural identity by launching such a project that emphasizes mobility and cooperation among contemporary performance artists.
The Theatre Night program includes: theatre plays of international co-production, reading and staging the literary works of the contemporary European authors, bilingualism, round tables, online conference meetings, concerts, playgroups, workshops for children and gourmet gastronomy offer.

The project is a one-day stage and performance art manifestations that are going to take place simultanously in many European cities starting from October 2009. The project is going to be presented for the very first time on 25 October 2008 at Childrens Theatre Dubrava in Zagreb.

Eleonora Rossi, a French director and drama pedagogue, is the founder of the Theatre Night project. Together with Babette Masson, the theatre manager of Scene nationale Le Carre a Chateau-Gontier, Pays de Loire, France, Mrs Rossi is going to present the project to the public on 25 October at Childrens Theatre Dubrava in Zagreb.

Childrens Theatre Dubrava operates within the Cultural Centre Dubrava. It is one of the Theatre night project founders and partners and as such chosen to present the project in 2008. The primary goal of the Dubrava Children’s Theatre is to present the project to the general public at the manifestations in 2008 and include more partners (e.g. theatres and stage art educational institutions from Zagreb and Croatia) in the project by October 2009.

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