About us

Children’s Theatre Dubrava was established in 1955 by Mladen Širola. ”Dugonja, Trbonja and Vidonja” was the first play to be premiered at the theatre on 12 December 1955 based on Širola’s text and direction. From its beginnings the theatre has been led by the enthusiasm of its founders and their successors. It gathers children from Zagreb and its surrounding area of the age 4 and above in drama, music and dancing lessons. Attendants are given lessons in rhythmics, classical ballet, harmonica, piano and tambura playing, while at the same time they take part in the activities of acting and theatre studio. Many famous names of Croatian children’s theatre contributed to the theatre’s activities: Mladen Širola, Borislav Mrkšić, Rudolf Zubčić, Boris Kovačević, Franka Perković and many other.

Children’s Theatre Dubrava has become part of Dubrava Open University in 1976.

We have more than 230 performances per year, in the stateroom with 190 seats, or traveling throughout Croatia. Our performances are seen by around 30 000 children, mainly of school and pre-school age and their parents.

We have 4 to 5 premieres every year. We take part at numerous festivals all around Croatia and abroad.

In the theatre we also have Drama Studio for all ages!



From the repertoire



During tempestuous joint vacation two girls, Lujza Palfi and Lota Kerner find out that they are twin sisters. Beside unexpected joy, this discovery causes many questions without the clear answers: Why did their parents divorce? Why did they hide that both of them had twin sister? Why does it seem that the parents care more about their careers than about their kids?
In order to get the answers on these and many more questions, twin sisters are deciding to change their identities. Lota moves at her father’s home while Lujza goes to mum’s house with a wish to reconcile their parents and finally have a family.




Igra (The Game) is based on the motifs from the animated film by Dušan Vukotić (famous Oscar Award winner Croatian animator). We play in the similar way during our performance. Two actors, with the help of drawings, paper, cardboard and other art supplies create a very imaginative world in which constant rivalry between their ideas is present. But suddenly, during their game a strong urge to win the other one appears and from that moment they both start playing a bit unfairly and cheat, so that harmless game becomes merciless competition. Will that conflict lead to victory, even at price of losing a friend, or the friendship and decent behaviour will win…..

All this is very skillfully conjured up through music, played live by young musician Vlatko Panić (piano & percussions), great direction by Mario Kovač, and spectacular but simple costume design and scenography by Iva-Matija Bitanga and Leo Vukelić. Since the show is nonverbal, a very hard, but excellent job of impersonating a girl and a boy is done by Valentina Šokec and Petar Atanasoski.



Leo Vukelić, Head of the Children’s Theatre Dubrava
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