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Vladimir Filakovac Gallery

Vladimir Filakovac Gallery has existed for 40 years now. During that period there were 348 exhibitions in the regular program and over 150 exhibitions on special occasions. It is the only official exhibition showroom for the 120,000 inhabitans of Dubrava and wider. Many eminent Croatian artists started their careers in Vladimir Filakovac Gallery.

Until 1970 the Gallery was named Gallery of the Young. The name of the Gallery was afterwards changed into Dubrava Gallery. The headquarters of the gallery was at first in Cerska Street. In 2001 it was relocated into the new premises of the Cultural Centre Dubrava, on Dubrava Avenue.On 15 December 2003 the gallery was renamed into Vladimir Filakovac Gallery, after the famous Croatian painter who lived for most of his lifetime near the Cultural Centre, at 59 Osječka Street.

Four academic artists and an art reviewer form the art council of the Gallery. The Gallery has always been the advocate of the pluralistic art expressions in the art scene and the promotor of the spritual values regardeless of the medium or art orientation.The Gallery also organizes lectures on art, art workshops and artistic performances in urban space. The Gallery prints graphic maps as well.

By the decision of the Croatian Artists’ Associations (HDLU and ULUPUH) the Gallery is recognized as the exhibition showroom of the Croatian Association of the Independent Artists.

The archive of the Gallery is updated on daily basis and can be found at the website of the Cultural Centre Dubrava. Link to the archive of Gallery!


Vladimir Filakovac Gallery Lobby


The surface of the gallery premises are 141 square meters of exhibition showroom, 11 square meters of the storage room and 16 square meters of the offices.
The Gallery is opened every day from 10 am to 7 pm, on Thursdays from 10 am to 6 pm. The Gallery is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no entrance fee.

Ground-plan and fotos of Gallery



Art and craft workshops

  • lectures on visual arts
  • visual arts courses: drawing and painting, ceramics, arts and crafts, illustration, graphics, fashion design



Svebor Vidmar, Head of the Visual Arts Centre
Phone: 00385 1/2050 063, 00385 1/2050 050
Fax: 00385 1/2050 051