Summary on the international cooperation

In reference to a series of cooperations with the European cultural centres begun in 2007, through bilateral study tours (Paris, Bruxelles, Vienna, Budapest, Pecs, Madrid, Bratislava), as well as the participation in the work of the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) since 2008 as an associate member, and since 2010 as a full-fledge member through the Croatian Association for the Education of Adults, the Dubrava Cultural Centre develops projects of international exchange of programmes and professional associates.

Cooperation with Poland, Warsaw
Throughout 2009, the Drama studio of the Children’s Theatre at the Dubrava CC presented its realizations in Warsaw in cooperation with the Cultural Centre for Children and the Young Dorozkarnia (Festival Children’s Chair, May 2009), and an international workshop for voice and speech was held in Zagreb, where there were participants from the Dance Studio of the Dorozkarnia CC, in addition to participants from the Drama Studio of the Dubrava CC. In cooperation with the Cultural Centre Sluzewski from Warsaw, we were included in the celebration of the 200th anniversary of F. Chopin’s birthday. A group of young professional associates from the Centre in the field of performative arts participated in July 2009 and 2010 in Warsaw in the programme Chopin’s Summer.
During 2011, the group guest visits were done at the initiative of the young from the partner Warsawian cultural centres during the hip-hop events organized by the Dubrava CC in Zagreb and Zadar, and we started cooperating with the Foundation Krzyzowa – with annual artistic camps for the young.

Cooperation with Belgium, Brussels
At the Lace and Costume Museum at Brussels, our exhibition was visiting from October 29 to December 30 2009, entitled Secret Women’s Writing, at the topic of re-actualizing traditional heritage. Making and handing over of the first Croatian folk costume for the Manneken Pis was realized in the spring of 2010. Also, we realized a project “Croatian Tamburica for Bruxelles Musem of Music” in november 2011. Two projects were initiated with the cultural centres of French-speaking area – La Venerie and Maison de la Creation. In July 2010, an Ensemble Dizorkestra with 12 members held a seven-day musical workshop in Zagreb and had a performance with Zagreb artists and the local community, thus initiating cooperation of non-formal orchestras. With La Venerie centre we started education project for sound and light technicians. Till now, in November 2010. we have realized a five-day Preparatory Workshop in Zagreb,  and in November 2011. we have continued with basic workshop for sound and light technicians from cultural centres.

Cooperation with Hungary, Budapest
The programs of cultural exchange were realized with the Network of Cultural Centres of the Budapest’s 13th district – guest visit at Budapest with the theatre and workshop programme in September 2009, and a bilateral exhibition of attendants of artistic courses in June and August 2010. During 2011, in July, we have realized a joint eco-camp in Budapest, and guest visits with theatre plays at the occasion of the Europe Day. Also, in September 2011., in cooperation with Croatian Cultural club August Šenoa we have realized visual art exibition of Tihomir Lončar and Vladimir Meglić.

Realization of the programme with the European Capitals of Culture – Pecs 2010, Pilsen2015.
Cooperation with Pecs  2010
was realized through the Pecs cultural centre. We presented the programmes of the Centre for Tradition and the Centre for Film and Video in September 2009, and during 2010 a rich program of cultural cooperation was realized – guest visit of the Dubrava Children’s Theatre with the play Povuci-Potegni and the performance of the Drama Studio “Heart”, a concert and a workshop of the Bagpipes Orchestra and a concert of spiritual music. A. Vidović Krilanović and M. Krilanović. Cooperation with Pilsen2015 started with professional visits and smaller exchange of hip-hop programmes during 2010, and in 2011 we are realizing the programme of film workshops with the Project Animania (in Plzen and during International children festival in Šibenik), and the drama workshops with socio-cultural centre Johan in Plzen.

European Theatre Night 2011.
The project of performative arts, which includes in its realization the partners from Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, as well as from Slovenia, Serbia, Austria and France since 2011. The Dubrava Cultural Centre – Dubrava Children’s Theatre is the Croatian national coordinator and initiator of the Theatre Night project.

Using the EU funds

Grundtvig educational partnerships

  1. Art express pressing stress (2010 – 2012)
    Participation in the project of lifelong learning during which we conduct 24 mobilities and organize partnership gathering in Zagreb on the topic of communication. In partnership with us, there are similar institutions from Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain, and the topic of partnership gatherings are workshops for adults in the areas of art, art therapy and yoga, folk music, handicrafts, drama creation and communications.
  2. Social, Art and Culture: Cultural Discoveries Pathways in Europe (2011 – 2013)
    Participation in the project of lifelong learning on the topic of inclusion of population with reduced possibilities into the cultural programmes. During the project, we conduct 24 mobilities, co-organize a partnership gathering at Brussels on the topic of drama and musical creation. In partnership with us, there are institutions from France, Italy and England.

Grundtvig senior volunteering projects

  1. Senior clubbing in Poland and Croatia (2011 – 2013)
    Exchange of senior participants of the programmes at Dubrava CC and partnership institution from Warsaw. Within 6 mutual visits, 12 persons (6 from each country) will actively participate in the cultural programmes of the host institution. During the volunteering period, the cultural programmes will be realized on three topics: art and culture, traditional culture, relaxation and communication.